Hopper Group’s Rocky Poulin has an overwhelming passion for Ethiopia, and it’s people.  So much so, Poulin is about to embark on the 4th (collectively as a family) trip to the country where their youngest son was born.  “After years of waiting, in 2013 we brought our youngest son home from Ethiopia,” Poulin said.  “My wife and I fell in love with the country of Ethiopia from the minute we touched down in this foreign land.  The people, the music, the culture took our hearts.” 

It is no secret that there is great poverty and a high orphan rate in Ethiopia.  Poulin added, “nothing can quite prepare you for experiencing it first hand.  Once we arrived we were saddened and yet inspired by the situations the locals lived by.  It is very easy to question why and how the people of this land could be so happy with so little.  Once we spent time in this country we quickly understood.  Our problems for the most part are what you would call first world problems.  For example, is my car washed, do I have enough money for coffee, traffic is terrible, etc.  When you arrive in a third world country you realize that our problems pale in comparison to what the majority of the world lives with on a daily basis.  No money, lack of proper hygiene, no jobs, no shoes, the list goes on and on.”

Through all this what these beautiful people may appear to lack in material things, they possess an abundance of joy. “We left Ethiopia forever changed and with a burden on our hearts to continue serving in Ethiopia however God saw fit,” Poulin shared.

Poulin had the great opportunity to have his wife Shannon and their oldest daughter Maggie return to Ethiopia summer 2014. “It was an amazing experience for our teenage daughter to see beyond our small bubble. They had the opportunity to serve alongside several different outreach groups and both came home even more in love with the country and her people,” stated Poulin.

Asking Poulin about the adoption process he added. “When we began the adoption process 6 years ago we never could have imagined how God would not only bless us with our son but also give us the privilege of serving alongside others in Ethiopia long after we were back home.”
The Poulins are now heading out for their 4th (collectively as a family) trip to Ethiopia and will be taking their eldest son Sam alongside to serve this beautiful country.  Sam is 16 and excited to visit the homeland of his youngest brother.  The Poulins are leaving this February for Ethiopia, traveling with One Child Campaign.

The Poulin Family


Rocky Poulin is a graduate from Pacific Luthern University, he is currently the Executive Buyers Broker with Hopper Group Real Estate at Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty.  He and his family live in Enumclaw, Wa. where they are active in their community, local church, and sports.