We love to brag on how amazing our clients are and are thrilled to share this CLIENT SPOTLIGHT with you……let us introduce you to:

Healthy Bonez Beverage Company (HBBEV CO)! HBBEV CO, a neighborhood juice truck in downtown Kirkland is how it began.  At the helm of the ship is the super friendly husband and wife team, Collin and Shandy Greenleaf!  Hopper Group’s Interior Stylist Nicole Lynn first discovered HBBEV CO juice truck on a morning summer walk, and has been in love with their delicious bowls and friendly service since!  “The Nut-Buster is my current favorite, loaded with “Banana Nice-Cream”, peanut-butter, granola, peanuts, and pretzel” stated Lynn.

Our relationship with the Greenleafs quickly went from customers to friends and I’m sure we are not the only ones who can say this.They have a way of bringing a small town feel to our community by just being them.

HBBEV CO opened their Kirkland, Market Street juice truck location summer 2015. It didn’t take long for locals to discover “The Juice Truck” on their leisurely strolls into downtown or to the beach.  Once the locals caught on to the goodness of HBBEV CO they spread the word quickly by introducing their friends and posting delicious pictures to their Instagram accounts.  This got people driving from all over to get their fix.

Healthy bonez

Because of their amazing success they have expanded, which Hopper Group is proud to have been apart of.  We have had the privilege of working together with The Greenleafs in finding and securing their newest store front.  We are excited at the vision they carry and are cheering them on as they step out in their dreams!

Brian with owner Collin

A little about HBBEV CO from our chat with owner Collin Greenleaf:

HG:  Describe your brand for us.

HBBEVCO: HB Beverage Co. Sought to build an approachable brand, not just for the health-nut enthusiast. Most individuals (including ourselves) are still learning how to be healthier. We were encouraged to build a user-friendly juice service, one in which would make it easy for anyone to access. We hope to create steps for a richer, healthier community. A wellness opportunity people can get behind.

We are enthusiastic about our company since the very conception. We feel so fortunate that others have shared our vision and that we’ve made advocates of our raw juice, smoothies, and bowls.




HG: What do you see is your role in the community?

HBBEVCO: We are bent on working with local companies in the community, which for us is really special. We hope that future partnerships will result in success; and food that is absolutely delicious, healthy, and even better – sourced responsibly.


Shandy Greenleaf, owner


HG: Where can people find you?

HBBEVCO: HB Beverage Co. can be found at our NEW Kirkland store front location: 12409 NE 124th St. where you can eat fresh made to order pressed juice, smoothies and bowls. Also you can have our juice truck dedicated to your special event and we’ll come to you, or find us online at We offer pre-order for pick-up, and create juice delivery schedules to fit busy lifestyles.

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Collin and Brian


Collin tells us “you can now order like a boss”! Text Bonez to 33733 to download and order through the app.  This way you can skip the line and walk right up to the window. Thats what makes you feel like a boss.

This is just the beginning of their story as they are a young company with great ambition! If you haven’t met the Greenleafs or tried a bowl i’m sure by now you plan to.
Check them out on their ultra colorful Insta account!